A Thunderstorm is brewing

Mini Thunder is a token sent by Thor himself to rid the BSC space of scams and poorly executed projects by utilizing our god-like tokenomics and our Kraken named Mjolnir.

Mjolnir will help Mini Thunder pump with his divine buyback and burn capabilities which will be utilized to create massive fomo and buy pressure at the perfect moment.

Vaults of Valhalla, our casino, is going live at launch and will feature our first game with many more to be added over the first weeks! 

Going live September 17th!
Mjolnir is coming!




6% of every buy and 10% of every sell goes into our buyback system Mjolnir for manual and automatic buybacks


4% from every buy and 6% from every sell goes into the marketing wallet for huge marketing pushes


4% of every buy and sell goes into the liquidity to keep the chart healthy and stable to lower volatility

 As featured in:


Vaults of Valhalla coming soon!

At launch you will be able to try your luck to win great treasures in the Vaults of Valhalla! 
The Vaults will be a gaming ecosystem that interacts with the contract and we have 5 games ready to go at launch and in the first few weeks.
Each time Mini Thunder gains an additional 1000 holders, a random holder will be airdropped an exclusive NFT!
All you have to do is hold Mini Thunder and you might get a free NFT.

Launch/Phase 1

- Presale

- Poocoin Ads

- PCS Listing

- First Vaults of Valhalla game live

- Twitter Influencers

- Dextools Trending

- CG and CMC


Phase 3

Unlocks at 7500 holders


Phase 5

Unlocks at 25.000 holders



Phase 2

Unlocks at 2500 holders


Phase 4

Unlocks at 15.000 holders


Phase 6

Unlocks at 50.000 holders